What’s the GSA?

By: Lauren M.

     Recently, LCDS’s GSA started having meetings. “So,” you may be asking yourself, “What is the GSA anyway?” GSA stands for Gay Straight Alliance. The GSA is a small group of students who come together to address acceptance and equality within this community.

     The number of students who regularly attend GSA meetings is alarmingly small. For some reason, the student body has this fear that if they join the GSA than that makes you, yourself, gay. This is a very misleading stereotype that should be stamped out immediately. The GSA is not a club for exclusively LGBT students to hang out with each other. The GSA is a group of students who wish to see a positive change in the community.

     People may be wondering why we even have a GSA. It’s not like there have been any open displays of homophobia, right? People might even say that having a GSA opens the floodgates for hate on the LGBT community. It seems that everyone has put an awkward little bubble around the topic. People are afraid to approach the subject because they don’t want to pop the bubble. Have you ever considered that blatantly ignoring the subject may, in itself, be a kind of homophobia? The goal of the GSA is to throw a bucket of cold water in the community’s face. Its purpose is to open people’s eyes about ignored areas of inequality.

     People may also want to know what happens during the meetings themselves. They use the meeting time for many things. They prepare for any events coming up on their calendar such as the Halloween Festival, or a skit to be performed at assembly and discussed during advisory. The GSA also uses its time to discuss various topics. For example, members discuss anything from how bisexuals and transgendered people are often scoffed at because they don’t fit into neat little boxes to gender roles in modern societies.

     The GSA is a great place to become informed or to help inform others on topics that would otherwise be avoided. They would be glad to accept anyone into their ranks and encourage anyone and everyone to join their meetings Wednesdays during lunch in Dr. Collins’s room.

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