By: Wyatt H.

     My journey to understand the school flag began with a question, a simple “What do we know about it?” In order to find the answer, I went around the school asking that very same question. I started my search with one of the most respected students in the Upper School, Solomon K. He didn’t have a whole lot to say. He knew where it was and what it looked like: “I saw it in the theater a couple times…just once or twice.” Unfortunately that was about as good as it got. A more common response that I received was that people thought we “didn’t use it [the flag] for anything.” Nobody knew anything about the flag and no one even knew that we had a school flag.  So I gave up with the students and moved on to the teachers. I asked questions such as: “What do you think it looks like?” or, “Did you even know we have a school flag?” I needed help, so I enlisted the help of a fellow reporter, Kurren. By the staff in the upper school office, we were directed to members of the community who have been at LCDS for some time. To our surprise, even teachers like Mr. Bostock and Mr. Mylin had no idea we still carried the flag with us.Together Kurren and I continued to ask teachers these questions, but no one knew anything about the flag, and when I say ‘no one,’ I mean we asked every teacher in the upper school and we didn’t find out anything about the flag. Rumors amongst the staff pointed towards the idea that Mr. Jarvis himself created the crest seen on the upper left-hand side of the flag, and that the cougar in the corner was sketched by him as well. Kurren and I even e-mailed Mrs. Jarvis, and this is what she had to say: “I wish I could help you, but I can’t!  I have no recollection of who decided to have a flag or who put the fleur de lis and the cougar on it.”

     So, why do we even have a school flag? If half the school population doesn’t know where it is, and the other half didn’t even know we had it, then is it even necessary to have one? There are many school artifacts and traditions already in play, so the LCDS community needs to consider if the old school flag should be added to this collection. If they feel as though it is not necessary, the question that comes into play is, “Do we need a new school flag?”

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