The Frozen Six

By: Kyle P. and Lindy V.

     Ice hockey is not as easy as it looks. Before you can work on any part of your game, you first have to learn how to skate–forwards and backwards. Solomon (Solly) K., a junior who has been playing hockey since second grade, says learning to skate was the hardest part of starting ice hockey, especially “transitioning forwards to backwards and backwards to forwards.” Once you have mastered skating, you have to be able to stick handle, pass, shoot, and hit at very high speeds. Hockey is a game of finesse and violence. Solly describes the game as “one of the best games on Earth–high action, high intensity.”

     In the late 1990’s, Lancaster Country Day established its first ice hockey team. The team, coached by Mr. Smedley, played in the CPIHL, and was a blended team with Lancaster Catholic. They did not have that many players, but “What we lacked in numbers, we made up for in enthusiasm,” says Mr. Mylin, the former sports director. The team practiced at Regency Ice Rink whenever they could get ice times. When the ice was not available they trained and conditioned in the LCDS gym. Not all the players knew how to skate and several did not even have the equipment to play. However, the community came together and raised the money to provide these players with equipment; one benefactor in particular anonymously paid for three or four players’ equipment. Mr. Mylin says that “Everyone was just glad to be out there playing. Because the sport was new to LCDS, everyone was very excited to learn about it!” Led by their star player, David T., the team traveled to games in a van followed by a row of cars filled with supportive fans. Looking back on it, Mr. Mylin recounts, “The enthusiasm of the community to come together to make it all happen was amazing. It was very impressive.” Unfortunately, a few years later the league decided not to allow blended teams, and LCDS had to drop the hockey program. Then, about three years ago, the league reversed their decision on blended teams. “I support this decision 100% and am glad they decided to give the kids a chance to play,” says Mr. Mylin, “I am very excited to see how the team does.”

     Representing Lancaster Country Day in the 2013-2014 Ice Hockey season will be juniors Solomon K., Nick G., Tyler and Kyle P., and sophomores Matthew R. and myself, Lindy V.. Our home games will be on Sunday nights at the Lancaster Ice Rink. As a player, it means a lot to have support from the community. It makes the game seem a little more important and we play with a little more pride. Solly says, “As a player, seeing that we have support from our community is huge and it gets me pumped up. It’s nice to see people come out for the fun of it.”

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