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Mrs. Lisi: 

A Tale of Two Lisis

By Drew K.

     You may remember your crazy 8th grade English teacher Mr. Lisi if you were lucky enough to have him. Coincidentally, one of our talented new teachers this year happens to be his wife. Mrs. Lisi is the third 11th grade American Literature teacher here at LCDS. She is ecstatic to be here at our school. One of the driving reasons that she came to work here is the strong academic reputation of LCDS, and of course her well-known husband. Before starting her job here, Mrs. Lisi taught literature composition classes at North Carolina State University; she also worked at York Country Day School. Mrs. Lisi says, “Working at LCDS is the perfect balance of a challenging and enlightening atmosphere, as well as the fun and warmth of a nice environment.” Mrs. Lisi earned a degree in English, interdisciplinary studies, and philosophy. One of Mrs. Lisi’s favorite topics to teach is poetry because she sees it as a challenge: “Many students do not like the topic of poetry so I take it as a challenge to try and inspire students to try things they may not like,” explains Mrs. Lisi. I asked her about the use of technology in the classroom, and she told me she is a big fan of the iPads: “They can be very beneficial and it is a great way to stay connected.” One concern she had about the tablets was that they can be a distraction, although everything can potentially be a distraction to a teenager.

     Before we parted, Mrs. Lisi shared a charming and hilarious story about Mr. Lisi. “Mr. Lisi is funny every day. One time he put our dear Siamese cat, Sela, in the breadbox drawer in our kitchen and shut the drawer. Poor love. She was only in for a second and then he let her out. She was appalled. He tried it again but she was wise too it by then. He laughed so hard he fell down. He just loves those kinds of games, such as putting Maisie in a giant tote bag and carrying her around the house (which she loves!). He has a crazy and wild sense of humor and keeps Maisie and me constantly entertained!” We are happy to have you here now Mrs. Lisi, and we hope to hear many more crazy and silly stories about Mr. Lisi for years to come.


Mrs. Greenberg-Thompson: 

Who Art Thou?

By Maddie H.

     Ever since Mrs. Greenberg-Thompson was a child, she had incredible artistic talent and a true passion for art. However, it wasn’t until she enrolled in a high school drawing course, taught by an inspirational woman, that she realized she wanted to be an art teacher: “She was so influential; I wanted to be just like her. I wanted to have that kind of effect on others.” After high school, Mrs. Greenberg-Thompson attended Millersville University with a major in Art Education. Next, she received a masters degree in visual art.

     Shortly after finishing her own education, Mrs. Greenberg-Thompson began teaching others as a high school art teacher at Penn Manor High School. She remained teaching there for 13 years until she took a temporary leave to spend time with her three children: Milo, Levi, and Silas. This fall, she returned to teaching as the new art teacher here at Lancaster Country Day. Mrs.Greenberg-Thompson teaches a variety of classes here: Painting; Basic and Advanced Drawing; Printmaking; and Design. She is particularly excited about a new course that she is in the process of creating. She described it as “a non-traditional, more abstract drawing course that incorporates new mediums and non-objective subjects.” She hopes that this class will teach her students to appreciate all forms of art and learn to truly embrace their imagination and individuality. She knows that her students will accept the new course with open arms.

     Mrs. Greenberg-Thompson feels at home here at Lancaster Country Day, and really loves the students, faculty, and overall environment that our school offers. When I asked her about her transition to our school, she described it as “seamless.” She said, “It feels like I never stopped teaching.” She was surprised at how welcoming and kind the faculty and students are. When I asked her what sets LCDS aside from other schools, she responded, “ I think what really makes this school different is that everyone genuinely cares. They care about each other, their education, our community, and especially the arts.” Mrs. Greenberg-Thompson believes that she has a lot to contribute to our community: “ I want to teach others to love art as much as I do. I want to be like that teacher I had in high school. I hope to inspire students while educating them to the fullest.” Without a doubt, Mrs.Greenberg-Thompson is a great new addition to the Country Day Family.


Dr. Winterer:

A Bio Bio

By Barbara R.

     Although Dr. Winterer is a new teacher, you may have seen her in the hallways before. She arrived at LCDS as a substitute teacher right after Thanksgiving last year during the second trimester, and joined the permanent faculty at the start of this August. Although she had taught previously, Dr. Winterer had not been in a classroom in seven years, having most recently served as Dean of Math and Science and of the online campus at the local community college, HACC.

     Describing the transition from college dean to high school teacher, Dr. Winterer said, “Practically speaking, when you’re an administrator you don’t get to go home at 3:30, and you work all 12 months of the year. But, I didn’t have homework when I was an administrator and now I’m up late every night, grading papers and preparing for class!” She balances her teaching workload with being a mom to two fifth graders. Her twin daughters Amelia and Linnea, like her, are also new to the school. She looks forward to having them as students in the future, although she admits they sometimes pretend they don’t know her when they walk into school.

     In the short time that she’s been here Dr. Winterer has become an active member of the school’s community, often attending her students’ soccer and field hockey games, as well as socials for parents and teachers. She says, “Since I’m both, I have to go to both, and that’s a lot.” Her busy schedule means that she doesn’t have a lot of time to do thing like watch TV. However, when she does have a bit of spare time she enjoys singing with the symphony chorus, and dragging  her daughters with her on outdoor activities like hiking and bike riding. In fact, she loves being outdoors and this is a big part of why she enjoys science and biology. Dr Winterer says “I love teaching, and it was fun to start again.”


Mrs. Meskey: 

Chemistry is Serious Bismuth

By Jongha C.

     A new quirky and enthusiastic chemistry teacher came through the doors of LCDS this year. “I think chemistry is the best thing ever,” she says, explaining her love for her field, “I just love all the sciences because explaining the natural world is just fascinating, and to get down to the smallest level in those explanations–I just have a passion for it.” I wondered how she ended up teaching, and it seems that she foresaw her future as a young girl: “I may have seen myself becoming a teacher as I always played school when I was younger as all little kids do.”

     Being a new teacher is like being a new student, says Mrs. Meskey: “You have to learn a whole new culture and even though I’ve taught chemistry in the past it’s different in a new school with new things to get used to.” Although she felt as being new was going to be tricky she said, “People at LCDS are welcoming to new people and faculty.”

     She loves the learning experience for students as she says, “My favorite thing when teaching is when I introduce a difficult topic to the students and they are somewhat panicked in the beginning, and then realize that they are able to do it. That moment of realization is the best thing to me.” Clearly thoughtful and passionate about the education of her students, she strives to help them tackle important concepts.

     When she isn’t hard at work planning up a lesson for class, Meskey is an avid watcher of How I Met Your Mother. She added excitedly, “New episode tonight!” When I explained I couldn’t watch it because I had to do her homework she expressed a palpable empathy for my loss.

     “I went on a twenty mile run to prepare for a marathon! Some people would consider that a weird hobby, but I love long distance running.” As many may have seen Mrs. Meskey running after school, one could guess she is a rather athletic person. Also, regardless of her slight build, Mrs. Meskey was a college rugby player! According to her she was “pretty hardcore.”

     We often think that teachers have no separate life other than teaching. Even if this were true, Mrs. Meskey certainly wouldn’t fit into that category. The How I Met Your Mother-watching, marathon running, ex-rugby player that is Mrs. Meskey isn’t just a chemistry teacher.

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