New Year’s Resolutions from LCDS

By: Maddie H. and Niall B.

     The New Year is a time of excitement, improvement, and for some, a fresh start. However, many people are intimidated by the pressure of the new year or even disappointed by their inability to achieve their previous New Year’s resolution. Some people make a resolution every year, others swear against it. For each individual, the New Year’s holiday means something different, and with this comes an array of responses to the question, “What is your New Year’s resolution?”

     We asked various students and faculty what their New Year’s resolutions are. Some students’ resolutions were focused on academic goals or achievements. Caroline K. pondered the question for awhile, and then responded, “Oh! I want to get an A on my math test!”For Solly K., the New Year is a chance to devote more time to studying for tests: “This trimester I haven’t necessarily been the best at studying, and in the end it hurt my grades. This new year I am going to study more thoroughly.” A common response from other students was “to finally stop procrastinating” or “to do better in a [certain] class.”

     However, other resolutions were more personal. Catherine O. wants to “live life and have fun.” This New Year she wants to be more positive and free-spirited. Others promise to become happier people or improve their attitudes. Athalie R.’s resolution is to run a half marathon with a group of other LCDS students. Jongha C. wants to work out more and “get big.” Steve Frick’s goal this new year is to “finally grow a beard.” One of our favorite responses was from Elliott G.. He had no idea what a New Year’s resolution is. After we explained what a New Years resolution is, he said he wanted “to come back to America to see you all again!”

     The faculty provided further inspiration. Mrs. Clauss’s goal is to “be more patient and understanding” in all aspects of her life. Señora Heim wants to “finally accomplish her resolution: to be a better person.” Ms. Stuart wants to make life easier for herself and her students by assigning less homework so she won’t have to stay after school to grade it. However, some of the teachers’ responses were a little creepy. For example, Mr. Schindler’s resolution is to “stop kicking innocent little puppies down the stairs.” We hope that he would never choose to do this in the first place, but at least the resolution to stop is an improvement.

     The only thing that all of our interviewees agreed upon is that New Year’s resolutions are extremely difficult to accomplish. After the invigorating thrill of the New Year passes, most of us easily slip back into our old habits. Procrastination kicks in, and before you know it, it’s December 31st and you still haven’t achieved your resolution. Perhaps the most accurate resolution of all is that of Sean M.: “Honestly, I just want to just get through the year.”

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