Halloween: An LCDS Tradition

By: Sean M.

     Halloween dates back to the early middle ages, as a night to remember the dead.  On October 31st, little kids dress up as their favorite superheroes, while the teenagers dress up as the scariest thing they can think of, trying to make a huge mess and cause as much trouble as they can before the sun comes up.  From young people to old, everyone loves Halloween.  One of the greatest traditions of the night is trick-or-treating, the art of getting candy.  Trick-or-treating refers to a child’s promise to play tricks on the house if no treat is given to them.  To the LCDS community, Halloween is always a fun time due to the Halloween Festival.  Here, the whole LCDS community gets together, and always has a great time, enjoying the Halloween activities and loving the spooky presence of the community. The tricks and treats are never far from thought, though.

     Surveys show that the LCDS community’s favorite candy is the irresistible Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  The most popular activity on Halloween night is to prank others.  Solly K. says he “never knows what pranks he’s going to do, but it normally has something to do with Nick G..”  Niall B. likes to “hide in the bushes, jump out, and scream murder!”  Jongha C’s favorite thing to do on Halloween is “pour water on the trick-or-treaters from my roof.”

     One of the best LCDS Halloween traditions is the Halloween Parade. The seniors dress up in awesome costumes and walk the kindergarteners, also in their costumes, around the Upper School. This is a great tradition that prepares the kindergarteners to trick-or-treat, as well as lets the Upper School see all those cute kindergarteners proudly parading around in their costumes.  Alex K. says “I wanted to be an inanimate object because I love them, so I chose to be a crayon.”   Ben F. describes his Halloween parade experience as “great–I loved dressing up as bacon and parading around with my little friend.”  Sam S. “loved [his] little buddy; it was the same friend I had from Take a Child Outside day.”  The tight community of LCDS loves its October traditions of the Halloween Festival and the Halloween Parade and shows how one holiday can bring the whole community together.

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