Day in the Life: Valentine’s Day Edition

By: Ethan S.

Dear Diary,
     Today was another Valentine’s Day, alone. At school people buy each other balloons with chocolate and lollipops, to let people know how they really feel about them. The balloons also serve to reduce personal displays of affection. If Mr. Bostock (yesss) is unable to fit a fully inflated balloon between two people, then they are too close, and he will eat them for dinner (yesss, dinner).Even entering school was bad. Ten feet into the junior hallway, I witnessed a junior in the middle of the hallway, gyrating on his girlfriend, and I had no idea what to do. Are you supposed to hide? Compliment them? There is definitely no proper way to go around them–they took up the whole hallway. Can’t go under it, can’t go over it, can’t go around it, gotta go through it?

     At morning meeting, someone stood up to sing the immortal words of Taylor Swift to his “Valentine.” The song was about love, and how their love brought them together, and how “Everything has changed … You’ll be mine and I’ll be yours.” Pure poetry. I was near tears, because I was so deeply touched by somebody getting up on stage and pouring his heart out to the one person in the whole world who is just right for him. I thought “What a great coincidence that out of seven billion people in the world, this one person’s soulmate is from the same small geographic region, and goes to the same tiny private school!” But anyway, everyone in the audience was so deeply moved by the song, that people just spontaneously got up and started dancing on stage right there. They sang along, and nobody wanted it to stop. I started thinking about all the muffins getting cold in the cafeteria.

     When I got back upstairs from morning meeting, I saw the hallway filled with balloons. Suddenly, everything was different; it was like the air in my lungs was somehow lighter than normal! And my best friend suddenly had this new tan, a pinkish tan. It must have been a Valentine’s Day miracle!

     Goodnight, Mr. Diary. Do you have a Valentine’s date?

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