Course Selection

By: Errittmay Ohngay and Ylakay Pencersay

2020-World Civilizations III: Mr. Schindler or Ms.Quinn 
This interdisciplinary course explores political, societal, and intellectual concepts of the 21st century. Students will use primary sources to explore topics such as the dissolution of the Democratic Republic of Korea, the expansion of Putin’s empire, and the flood of 2002. Students will draw from primary sources, such as Fox News and Wikipedia, in order to draw accurate conclusions about the effect of certain events on today’s society. Students will also be asked to sort through primary tweets to understand the public’s reaction to major political events. They will have to write a research essay on a cultural movement of their choice: options include hipsters and the return of Justin Timberlake. This course allows students to build on the previous World Civilization courses and delve into topics of the 21st century. 

Prerequisite: World Civ I, World Civ II 

 1820- Appropriate Design-Senora Brenes 
This course combines history and fashion design as it looks at “appropriate” fashion throughout the ages. This course will teach students about the origin of the inseam and partake in an ongoing debate about pants versus leggings. As a final project, students will be asked to create their own fashion designs, drawing inspiration from habits, as well as the fashions of the Victorian era. Successful completion of the course will depend on whether or not the fashion line obeys the dress code, located somewhere in the handbook, as well as pass the conniption test. Students may earn extra credit by finding an appropriate length pair of shorts, although this has proved difficult in the past. 

Prerequisite: N/A 

5050–Introduction to Entrepreneurship–Mr. White 
This class teaches students how to cook up successful business plans and implement them on the streets. Taking into account today’s diving economy and expensive health care, it is important that students know how to confidently make money on the side. Introduction to Entrepreneurship will require students to assess consumer needs and reach out to colleagues in order to make the right connections.Students will have the chance to see a presentation by one of Mr. White’s sales representatives, Jesse Pinkman, and get an inside look at the lives of two entrepreneurs. 

Prerequisites: Chem, AP Chem. 

1001–Contemporary Language–#Hashtags 
The #ContemporaryLanguageCourse will examine the proper #usage of hashtags, the #artof hashtags, and the #influence hashtags have had on contemporary pop culture. Students will have the opportunity to use hashtags on a variety of different social media networks, and they will have the opportunity to examine the works of some major pop culture figures such as Kanye West, Tyra Banks, and Cher. This is a full year course. 

Prerequisite: #YOLO 

PE Exception: A PE exemption will now be offered for freshmen, who endure strenuous activity in their travels from the ninth grade hallway to the Upper School, and for juniors and 
seniors who walk long-distances from the parking lot each day. 

This article is part of the 2014 April Fools issue for the Fourth Estate. None of the information in the article above should be taken literally.

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