CORE, CORE, What’s it Good for?

By: Kyla S.

      After years of both students and teachers complaining about Moodle, there’s finally a new online homework system: CORE.  Even though the new website and online system might look better, does the new website really serve its purpose? This makes me wonder what the purpose of the LCDS website really is. The purpose of the LCDS website is to inform prospective and current students and their families of certain matters of the school. Not only did the old LCDS online system fulfill that purpose, but it was, above all else, familiar.

     Country Day students don’t like change. Last year, the school spent a majority of year modifying “My Backpack,” another online resource for students, to allow students to check their grades daily. This task took a majority of the year, and now “My Backpack” is practically obsolete. People are having trouble accessing links that used to be under the “Quick Links” tab on the old school website. Links that should be quick are now nearly impossible to locate. A student stated, anonymously, “[CORE] solved none of the problems of Moodle, and it created new ones.” Students seem to be not only displeased with the fact that they are having trouble accessing their homework, but annoyed that teachers are required to use it. In fact, many teachers have decided to use their own system for homework and use CORE simply to post a link to their own homework schedule that is located elsewhere. This creates more problems. This forces students to log into multiple different websites, download more PDFs, and ultimately increase the amount of time it takes to look up their assignments.

     So why did LCDS decide to change so many things at one time? Between the iPad system, getting rid of the computer labs, CORE, catering system, and the “printing stations,” a lot of the students are extremely overwhelmed.  A better way for Country Day to “improve” the overall environment might have been for them to gradually introduce the changes over multiple years, rather than just one.

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