Color Wars for the First Time

By Lauren M.

      As someone who is not only new to Upper School, but new to LCDS itself I find that this school is a lot different than others. One unique thing is Color Wars. All classes pick a color–freshmen green, sophomores pink, juniors black and seniors purple–and compete for points, and the class with the most points win. It’s kind of like competing for the house cup. Most bets seem to be on the juniors, but I think those freshmen look pretty promising.

     Every year, color wars starts at the All School Picnic. This year, teachers, students, and faculty all enjoyed a peaceful dinner, then the games started.The entire upper school packed into the gym to compete in some wacky events. First, was “grab-a-noodle-whack-a-noodle.” Students stood on rubber exercise domes and hit each other with pool noodles and the last one standing won. That is by far the strangest game I’ve ever seen. Then, everybody lost their minds over the tug-of-war, which is a huge deal among the students. People screamed their heads off to urge on their classmates. The juniors have been dominating at tug-of-war for a long time and that’s not really surprising. I mean, have you seen some of them? It’s gotten to the point where beating them earns you extra points! The egg toss was great as well; many lucky students had the pleasure of driving home covered in raw egg. These were some of the weirdest games I’ve ever seen.

     Color Wars definitely helped to create a competitive spirit in the students and gave them a chance to show pride for their classes. One of the best showcases of class pride will happen during the week of homecoming, when the hallways will be decorated with the colors of each class. This school shows a lot more pride than other schools I’ve attended; the excitement caused by Color Wars is incomparable to anything else I’ve seen. And has anybody else noticed the juniors, who are a little too overly confident? I think it’s about time somebody knocked them down a peg, don’t you? So far the seniors are in first place, followed by the juniors, the sophomores, and finally the freshmen, who put forth a valiant effort.

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