Mr. Weidman

By: Jake S.

     Here at Lancaster Country Day School, the teachers interact with students in a way that is rarely seen in large public schools. They all have unique, interesting stories and go above and beyond to show their passion for what they do. The administrative faculty also interact with students and use their extra time to improve our school. Even our custodial staff is amazing and has thrilling stories to tell. An example of this is Mr.Weidman. Most people don’t know him because he works after school ends. But Mr. Weidman doesn’t waste his day waiting to get to LCDS; he has found a job that fulfills his life-long passion. Some day, walk down the science wing hallway, and you’ll discover what he lives for. You see, Mr. Weidman is an archaeologist at heart. The display cases in the science wing common area are filled by him. Ever since he was eight years old, Mr. Weidman has been interested in animal and plant life.

     Every day before Mr. Weidman arrives at LCDS, he goes to the North Museum to help feed and take care of the animals there. The North Museum is a place where you can discover all of Pennsylvania’s nature. Some of Mr. Weidman’s work is displayed at the North Museum but he also displays much of it here at LCDS. Mr. Weidman started working at LCDS seven years ago. I asked him when he got the idea to put his work in the display cases, and he answered, “When I first came here for the interview and tour, I saw the display cases, and I thought, ‘What a great spot I could share some of my stuff with the students,’–I thought it would be nice for them.” So next time you walk by those awesome display cases with all that cool stuff you thought the science teachers put up, think to yourself: our custodians are amazing. If you ever have questions about Mr. Weidman’s interests or just want to learn more about what he is putting up, you can find him in the faculty room every day at 2:45 p.m. He loves talking about his work.

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