All I Want For Christmas is You

By: Lauren M.

     With the advent of the holiday season comes many traditions. You haul down decorations from the attic and gather stained recipes in your grandmother’s handwriting. Your face is permanently flushed from the biting cold, and from the pinches of affection you receive from many unnamable aunts. And, of course, you look forward to the giving and receiving of gifts. This time of year is not only for searching for that perfect gift for your loved ones, but also deciding what you want for yourself. So what does LCDS want for Christmas?

     It took a lot of prodding to get Cole S. to settle on an answer. He considered everything from video games to socks before finally deciding that he simply wants money (maybe he could use the money to buy video games and socks). Mr. Schmelder said what he truly wants this year is a snowboard. Sierra Miron has similar thoughts, with a skateboard at the top of her list, closely followed by a new pair of Beats. Lenaiya F., Alesha A., and Aarica F. all want make-up and shopping sprees. Mrs. Schindler wants what every mother of small children wants: sleep. Mr. Schindler, on the other hand, decided he wants a new scarf because his is “old and smelly.” Hopefully Mr. Schindler will receive a pleasantly fragrant scarf this year.

     And last, but certainly not least, is Mr. Bostock. After commenting on the “sappy” question, he gave a very sincere answer. “I don’t want anything personally,” he tells me, “but it would be nice if we had fewer natural disasters.” Mr. Bostock dislikes global warming and declares that we are in need of another ice age. As good as that sounds, somehow I don’t believe an ice age will fit through his chimney

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