10 Things Every Freshman Should Know

By: Catherine O.

1. Avoid Bostock before he has had his morning concoction. Could be tea, could be coffee, could be something else. We don’t know and we don’t question.
2. Give Shep Panera. Or something from Banana Republic. He will love you forever and you will be his favorite.
3. Join a sports team. Because you live in the science wing, we don’t know who you are. And we won’t know who you are unless you join a sports team.
4. Even when his light is off, Schindler is still in his room (most of the time). He just doesn’t want people to know he is there.
5. Befriend the juniors. Next year when they’re seniors, they can go out for lunch. And if they like you, and you give them money, they might get you something too.
6. Enjoy this year. It is the easiest year of high school and it’s basically here for you to mess around. So go ahead a take a couple selfies with Señora Brenes. It’s ok: we won’t judge you too harshly.
7. Do exactly as an upperclassman says. You have to deal with us next year, and we run the school. You want us to like you. Capiche? Now get me a smoothie.
8. The freshman hallway will smell horrible towards the end of the year. The combination of body odor, mixed with the smell of fish from the dissection lab, is well—that hallway reeks.
9. Trash will accumulate in the hallways and in the extra lockers. You will be talked to many times about it, and they’re right: you might start to see things growing in the cubbies. So just do yourself a favor, and throw away your trash. No one wants to see a half- eaten burger after three days anyway.
10. Enjoy the space. When you get to the Upper School hallway, there are fewer empty lockers and less space in general. You will have to fight your way through the hallway and you might get a few bruises from the flying elbows.

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